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How to play the Block Shot

The block shot is a vital cricket shot to play if you are to build an innings. The block shot is where you defend the ball. This shot is often played when the ball is on the line of the stumps. This is so the ball doesn't hit the stumps or your pads which prevents getting out bowled or LBW. This shot is played with soft hands, so the balls momentum is greatly reduced.

This shot should be played similar to a drive. Firstly, the front foot should stride out towards the pitch of the ball. The head should be positioned over the front leg. The bat should then strike the ball, the same way a front foot drive would be played. The only difference is instead of playing through the line of the ball with a follow through, the bat stops dead, played with dead hands. This stops the momentum of the ball. The bat should be angled down. This will push the ball down into the ground instead of popping up for a catch.

With the block shot, the batsmen have more control of hitting the middle of the bat. The block shot is used for stopping the ball hitting the stumps or pads, but it can also be used as a run scoring shot. As the ball's momentum is reduced, the ball takes longer to reach the fieldsman. Therefore a single can be made by placing the ball in the right areas. This shot is important in being able to turn the strike over with singles, instead of being tied down by dot balls.


  • Move foot out towards the pitch of the ball
  • Angle bat downwards
  • Play with soft hands
  • Play with a dead bat - don't follow through
  • You can angle bat into gaps in field to score a single, but full face of the bat should be played.

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