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Cricket Articles

Bowling Articles

  • How to bowl Off-Spin
    There are 3 types of deliveries an off-spinner can bowl. These include the off-break (spin), which is the bowler's stock delivery, the doosra and the arm ball.

  • How to Bowl an Outswinger
    The outswinger is where the ball swings (moves) away from the batsmen. Key factors in bowling an outswinger include………….

  • The Inswinger delivery
    The inswinger delivery is where the bowler bowls the ball that swings in towards the batsmen.

  • How to bowl a slower ball
    As a bowler, it is important to be able to have numerous weapons in your armoury. The slower ball is a useful ball to have in your repertoire.

  • How to be a Leg Spin Bowler
    Leg spin is one of the hardest bowling arts to master. However, when you get a good grip of the art, it can be very effective.

Batting Articles

  • How to play the Pull shot
    The pull shot is where the batsmen hits the ball across there body, onto the off-side, from a short delivery. This is an attacking, run scoring shot.

  • How to Play the Square Cut Shot
    The cut shot is an attacking cricket shot which is designed as a boundary hitting shot.

  • How to play the Block Shot
    The block shot is where you defend the ball.

  • How to play the leg glance
    The leg glance is where the batsmen 'flicks' the ball from the stumps or the off-side, onto the leg side of the field.

  • How to play the front foot drive
    The front foot drive is a vital shot to master if you are to make a big score. This shot is a run scoring shot, which is played between the cover region on the off-side and midwicket on the leg side.

  • How to Prepare your Cricket Bat
    A common reason why cricket bats start to crack and deteriorate in its playability is that it hasn't been prepared correctly.

Fielding Articles

  • Ground Fielding and Throwing
    Over 70% of the game is spent in the field, when playing cricket. It is for that reason why mastering ground fielding is important to master.

  • How to catch a cricket ball
    One of the most important skills in cricket is knowing how to catch a cricket ball.

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