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How to Play the Square Cut Shot

The cut shot is an attacking cricket shot which is designed as a boundary hitting shot. The square cut cricket shot is played when the bowler bowls a short ball, wide of off-stump. This is a power hitting shot as a full swing is made with the bat striking the cricket ball on a horizontal angle. This shot can be broken into separate segments. These include………
  • Footwork (positioning)
  • Impact
  • Follow-through

Footwork (positioning):

The positioning of the body is the key to a successful cut shot. The first movement of the cut shot is the back foot moves across the off-stump. The bat is taken back above the back shoulder. Most of the body weight should be on the back foot. The head should be kept still, creating balance in the shot.


The strike of the cricket ball should be made with a downward blow, with the arms at full extension. This will generate power, making the cut shot a run scoring shot. As impact is being made with the cricket ball, the wrists should roll slightly. This, with the downward strike of the cricket ball will keep it along the ground, taking away the chance of being caught. Keeping a still head will maintain balance through-out the shot.


The bat should follow through over the front shoulder. The head should remain still, with the weight still on the back foot. This will enable the batsmen to remain balanced, producing a well timed, powerful cut shot.


  • Move the back foot back and across off-stump, with bat over back shoulder
  • Keep the head still
  • Downward strike, with arms at full extension
  • Bat follows through over front shoulder

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