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How to play the Pull shot

The pull shot is where the batsmen hits the ball across their body, onto the on-side, from a short delivery. This is an attacking, run scoring shot. This is designed to counteract the bowler's short, bouncer delivery. This is a very useful shot to have in any batsmen's armoury. This eliminates the bowler's wicket taking or defensive bowling if you are able to pull the short delivery for four.

It is important to maintain a balanced stance while playing the pull shot. The feet generally go forward, with weight on the balls of the feet. With the balanced stance, it is important to keep a balanced, steady head, situated in the line of the ball. You should watch the ball, all the way onto the bat.

The execution of the shot requires the bat to come up in the air. Then the bat swings across the line of the body, coming from up over the ball, then hitting down on the ball. Once contact has been made with the ball, the wrist should roll over. The wrist action, with the downward strike of the ball will cause the ball to be hit to towards the ground, which will prevent a catching chance to the fielding team.

The sequence of events for the pull shot starts with the body positioning in line with the ball. Then bring the bat up high, while coming up onto the balls of your feet. Swing the bat across the body, hitting down on the ball. The arms should be extended out fully to generate power. Watch the ball all the way onto the bat, and then watch it go to the boundary.


  • Keep a balance stance
  • Keep a steady head
  • Watch the ball all the way onto the bat
  • Strike the ball downwards
  • Roll the wrists upon impact
  • Hit across the body.

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