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How to play the front foot drive

The front foot drive is a vital shot to master if you are to make a big score. This shot is a run scoring shot, which is played between the cover region on the off-side and midwicket on the leg side. This is designed to be a powerful shot, hitting the ball for 4. It's also a useful shot to score singles and two's. The front foot drive is often played when the ball is pitched up full, hitting on the half-volley.

The front foot drive's first movement is to take a big stride out, towards the pitch of the ball. The head should come over the top of the knee, while leaning into the shot with the front shoulder. Therefore, the weight of the body should come over the front leg. The back foot should come up onto the toes.

While making the drive, the head should remain steady. It is important to watch the ball all the way onto the bat. The strike of the ball should be made with a vertical bat, with the front elbow up high. The full face of the bat should be made when playing the drive. Contact with the ball should be made below eye-level, under the head. It is important to let the ball come onto the bat, instead of reaching at the ball. This will ensure clean contact with the ball, and prevent edges from occurring.

The top hand of the batsmen should be firm, where as the bottom hand should be relaxed. The top hand provides power in the shot where as the bottom hand simply guides the bat. The bottom hand should also be kept relaxed; otherwise you may come under the ball, hitting the ball up in the air, making a catching chance for the fieldsman. The bat should follow through, maintaining the full face of the bat. This provides a larger area for the ball to hit and it also provides a greater range of accuracy.


  • Move front foot towards pitch of the ball
  • Lean into shot with front shoulder, with head over the leg.
  • Weight of body over front leg.
  • Keep a steady head
  • Watch ball onto the bat
  • Play the ball from under the eyes
  • Keep a high front elbow throughout the shot
  • Play the ball with the full face of the bat (vertical)
  • Top hand grip should remain firm where as the bottom hand remains relaxed

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